Monday, 22 July 2013

From women to men

Assalamualaikum, hi ?
I'm going to write in English, i mean these entry fully written in english.
Don't be scared, u can always ask translate . okay?
let's start.

since morning I've been stalking my friends life through their own facebook and does some blogwalking. And guess what, i'd found these blog : 

So, let us find out what it all about,

why they scared us away? from my opinion it all about their character and attitude, they (boy/men) doesn't know how to act , to suggest or to controll?. so these entry will give the loserssss out there to find out what they should and shouldn't do to get a girlfriend or maybe a wife? who knows. This isn't an attack, it is an honest advice that will at least help us to better understand each other, okay?

1 : Triple texting her
If she doesn't answer you the first time, it means one of two things : she doesn't ever want to answer you or she's busy and will answer you when she wants to.

 : Calling her out.

It's not right if you've been hooking up with a girl for a week and feel comfortable enough to call her out on her flaws. Nobody is perfect. 

: Telling her what to wear

Girl here not to represent you.Therefore, what she wears is her own prerogative. If you don't like how she dresses, learn the difference between suggesting something and being insulting or controlling.

 4 : Talking shit about her friends

Just as much you love your boys, she loves her girls. Talking shit about her friends is a sign that you don't respect her. Be there for her, she just needs an objective person to listen to and to agree with her.

: Pressuring her to hang out

If you've been hooked up with a girl a few times, don't pressure her to spend time with you. She has her own life.

 6 : Suffocating her in public

This is a big one. Even if a girl is into you, it doesn't mean that she wants to be on top of you every minute in public. If she pulls away when you grab her hand, it means she's not ready to hold hands in public yet.

 : Having no ambition

Just as men are attracted to women who have goals and ambitions, women are also more attracted to men who give shit about their success. We don't need financial security anymore. We just don't want to date with no self-motivation.

 8 : Be yourself

It's the biggest turn off when guy puts on a front for a girl (specially around his friends). Whether you think that you'll impress her or you think you seem cool, you're wrong.

 9 : Take baby steps

Taking it slowly doesn't mean sporadically hooking up with a girl whenever the **** you want and deciding you want a relationship. Start from the bottom and use baby steps to improve your relationship with her until you get to that level.

 Okay thats all i think. bye~

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