Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tabita skincare solution.

Hallo ! Assalamulaikum !! so , how's your day?? maybe some of us not being happy and being offended by the crisis in Sabah , what we call it , "pencerobohan Di Lahad Datu" that what I see being reported in Tv3 as I passing the lobby of my faculty. So, that's none related to any of what I want to talk about today .

As time passing by , I'm gonna start with ..emm, what product you all always use to treat your face everyday ? do you believe the product was good and no effect to your skin ??

Of course it has ! Not in short-term , but maybe in long-term as time passing so take care of what product you always use . ok ?

I'm kinda interested with one of product that maybe some of you already use that and then you know what the advantage and the disadvantage of it . The product that I mention here is TABITA SKINCARE, I may not know the side effect of it because I'm too lazy to search , so you go and find for you own use okay.

My friend just use that product early in this week , almost one week including today and then I can totally see the effect after I saw her today . Her skin becomes more bright and clear , no more black spot and completely different from last time I saw her . So , you need to be faster if you want to buy this product, you can search any agent that sell this product nearer to your place , I thought the price not less than RM 114 and not more than RM 120.

so , come and place your order now !! you can see the different in just one week or maybe depend on your type of skin :') .

You may reach your dream to be whiter and beautiful , who knows :')
Just want to give credit to NUR AMIRA HIDAYU JASMI because sharing her secret to me. :)

this is not "testimoni" , just kindly sharing information of this good product .

maybe , the picture not clear enough , but believe me , it worth if you buy it.

For your information , you also can buy these beautiful fresh flower brooch 
Buy in single box , or maybe you want to be agent and buy in Bulks.

So , who does not know a single things about fellina , don't ask me because my answer is _______ (Fill in the blank) ahaha ! it it to whitening your skin , to be more soft , bright and clear . maybe you can get chinese skin look, depend on your skin . it is good product and the picture originally mine . I'll provide you a phone number to order all these thing (scroll down )

This is non-filter picture , that shame you can see someone's leg over there.
 ( Ignore it please )
I'm wearing super summer kokuryu or known as "bedak arab" and hyper glossy liquid liner by Maybelline :) .
The product was so good and easily to wash and wear , non greasy just in minute you can get a bright faces without any foundation. In sha Allah.

so , this is us , me and mira :') Happily going to class :')

Agent : NORIZAH BINTI ULONG ( actually my sister )
Contact number : 012-834-5360 ( call / sms . she don't hv whatsup)
Things you can order are : 
1. Fellina beauty product.
2. Super Summer Kokuryu Cake ( Bedak Arab)
3. Fresh flower Brooch.

Any new product will be update soon. wish her goodluck in her business and wish me goodluck in my study . XoXo.

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