Monday, 12 November 2012

[ ]Single [ ]Taken [✔] Don't care

yeay.. akhirnya,da 1 tahun tak jumpa boyfie aku. last jumpa 11.11.11.. very nice date, and walaupun tak jumpa, we'd prove that we can stay together, not like others couple,..? am I right,haha. * janganlah jeles. Actually, its all about trusting each other and I believe him.
 "I trust you, you trust me.. " That's my boyfie...

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Haha.. another thing is, my friend ask me yesterday. Boyfriend tak pernah buat perangai ka? I said "no" he didn't. Actually, yes he did. But, the only thing that I can see only matter how hurt I am , but only him..only him..only him.. *tapi dia x penah lah buat kita kecewa. :P :P
I thought this is what we call *Blindly Love*
Boyfie.. I Crazy for you. 
I Love You.
and till now.. this is for you,

Yes, definitely I did :)

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